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Altivo's Horse Tails

Wandering about distractedly

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'Tivo Overo
14 December 1949
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Friends lists: Feel free to add me if you want to read my blatherings regularly. If you really want me to add you back, then your best bet is to start commenting. I generally add people who share my interests and who obviously are reading what I write.

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Date Created:2004-03-30
Date Revised:2006-02-09
Number of Posts: 8065

Altivo, 'Tivo to his friends, is a cuddly Clydesdale (Yes, you can be both big and cuddly) of multiple shapes but a single loving disposition. Whether in his usual anthropomorphic form (bipedal), or quad, or wearing his heart on the outside as a plush toy, he is uniformly friendly and tries hard to be tolerant of differences. His hooves are large, his heart is larger, and his best attributes are his long silky mane and horsefeathers.
Strengths: World-class cuddler, not a bad cook, and very well-read. Plays well with others, especially if they have wings.
Weaknesses: Frightens easily, tends to be shy with strangers.
Special Skills: Finder of lost things, keeper of secrets.
Weapons: Weapons? Do hooves count?
Motto: Semper nobilis equus est.

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