'Tivo Overo (altivo) wrote,
'Tivo Overo

The end of the branch

Not without regret because of all the friends and connections here, I am nonetheless forced to declare this journal inactive. After nearly six years and 60,000 comments given and received, I have reached the end of my tolerance for the obnoxious antics of today's LiveJournal management. (AffiliateGate is the last straw.)

For the past year, I have been posting in parallel at DreamWidth.org. This morning I triggered the process that will copy all of my LJ posts from 2004 forward, and all of your comments as well, over to that site. It may take a day or so for the dust to settle, but I'm assured that it works.

You are welcome to follow my posts over there, should you choose to do so. The URL is http://altivo.dreamwidth.org, and you will find that you can log in there using OpenID and comment if you choose. The software is still the LJ you know, so there's little more you need to learn beyond the OpenID login. Or you can create a free account there if you prefer that. All of you have already been authorized as my friends there, and can comment via OpenID now.

I will no longer be double-posting here.

You can follow DW users from LJ by using an RSS feed. In my case, dakhun has already defined the feed, and you can use it. Just add altivo_dw_feed as a friend, and my DW posts will appear on your friends page.

You can also post replies to DW by using OpenID. When you see a DW posting here, it has a link at the top that goes to the DW page. Follow that link and reply there. At the top of the reply form, choose to reply using OpenID and you'll be prompted through the process as it asks for your LJ URL. You do not need to tell your LJ password to DW and it won't ask for it. All you need is the URL (yourusername.livejournal.com). You must be already logged in at LJ for this to work. If you go to http://www.dreamwidth.org/openid/ and log in with your LJ URL there, then on the confirmation screen that comes back you can change your settings to "Keep me logged in" and SAVE them. After that, you will automatically be recognized by DW as an OpenID account whenever you go there, provided you are already logged in at LJ.

To borrow a well-turned phrase from the late Douglas Adams, "So long, and thanks for all the fish." Really. Thanks. I hope I'll still be seeing you all.
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