'Tivo Overo (altivo) wrote,
'Tivo Overo

36 hour days

Did lots of stuff today, which kept me out of touch with news for a few hours. So, has the obligatory conservative religious loudmouth pronounced that the Chilean earthquake was God's judgement on the world yet? Have the right wingnuts tried to blame it on Obama like everything else?

For a change it's not terribly cold outside. In spite of a biting north wind all afternoon, right now it's just barely below freezing. And here I brought in a wheelbarrow full of firewood and stacked it in the garage so as to avoid a cold night. ;p

I think art is going to happen again. I got some paper ready using the proper sort of gummed kraft paper tape that I prefer, and two new sponges. A blue one for "has glue" on it and a green one that "is clean." See how small things can amuse me. One does have to avoid smoothing down damp paper with a glue-contaminated sponge though.

While we were out shopping this afternoon I hunted for Pitt or Copic artist's pens but found none. Guess I'll have to mail order them. I picked up a set of four black Prismacolor pens that will do for now, but they really aren't as black as I'd like. The ink is indeed waterproof and doesn't smear once it's dry, which is the big consideration. And they have nice points of varying widths and softnesses. Reading the label, I was amused to learn that Prismacolor is now owned by Sanford (who once upon a time made nice fountain pen ink and pens but now mostly make cheap office supply pens) who are in turn owned by Rubbermaid. Rubbermaid? Eeek.

Fed all the horses, cleaned up after them and the sheep, doctored Tess' dry hooves with Hooflex. Did not go out for lunch, but had weird ramen instead and then tonight Gary made Thai for dinner. That was good. Laundry is going, bread is rising, paper is drying, and I'm going to bed I think.
Tags: art, baking, farm, horses
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