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And a long day to end a long week at that.

I've mentioned already the fact that my boss, the library director, announced her retirement for sometime late this summer. Her position was posted last month and today was the closing date for applications. As of 5:30 this evening we had received 51 applications. This seems like a surprising number for a small town library with a small budget and staff. Even more surprising is the large number of resumes that came in from places on the coasts or nearly as far. There are a handful from people who seem pretty well qualified to me, and a couple for people who are vastly overqualified (doctoral degrees, past experience managing much larger places, etc.) and then there are a lot of applications from people with what amounts to no experience at all and even no educational qualifications. (No, I did not apply, for reasons I have stated before.)

Frankly, this is a bit scary. I'm afraid the board will favor underqualified local people who are personally known to them rather than seriously considering some of the better fitting applicants. There are one or two who applied that I know would be utterly incompatible with me, as well. No matter what, I have to stay through the end of at least August, as that's when my pension will be fully vested. After my last experience with a retiring director and the aftermath, I feel justifiably stressed over this.

The process is open to me, I've been invited repeatedly to look at the resumes and offer opinions or suggestions, but to tell the truth, I see no one among those applicants who seems to be a particularly good fit. I do personally know a couple of people who I believe would be very good in the job, but in spite of encouragement from me and others, they did not choose to file an application. So...

It's nice to still be able to see the sun when I leave work. It was above the horizon (just) as we locked up at 5:30. The sunspots are returning at long last, too. In the last month there has been only one day without any visible sunspots, where for most of 2009 the son was completely blank. Now if the weather would just warm up a bit, I might feel better about everything.
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