March 1st, 2010

altivo blink

National Pig Day

...or not, I had to go to work. Boo.

Gary has no classes on Monday and went to take his mom shopping. When I got home, I found that he'd had a good time shopping himself too. Fruits and veggies from the Greek produce store near his mom's house. Art supplies for me that now I get to argue with him over paying him back for.

Over the weekend he got an external antenna for his 3G modem (it had been back ordered for weeks) and it does seem to help reduce the random disconnects he was experiencing. So far, even with his assignments that require mucking around in the bandwidth-sucking Google Earth, he has been way below the monthly quota he gets. Consequently, I've started riding along on his connection part of the time. Not that anything I do requires great bandwidth, but web sites are so badly designed these days that it does save substantial time with some of them.

Almost got to 40F today, snow is slushing down and everything is gonna turn to mud (including our driveway, apparently, though that's not been a problem in the past.)

As for the Pig, I didn't see hide nor bristle of him all day.